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Tutorship Details 

Details of TA duties outside IIT Kanpur (2021-2022)

1. Place of Work: Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kashmir, Srinagar.

Nature of Work: I was involved in teaching M. Pharm 1st year students. My main aim was to help them learn new skills and come up with some new ideas for their master's dissertation. In this regard, I trained them in some in-silico techniques like primer designing for PCR. I familiarised them with different in-silico tools and databases such as NCBI, BLAST, Uniprot, UCSC Genome Browser, In-Silico PCR, Primer 3 Input, and Primer BLAST.   I also shared my M. Pharm dissertation work and PhD work with them which have helped them regarding research perspective and available research opportunities in different parts of our country.

Dates when this work was carried out: May 01, 2022, to May 28, 2022 (Online Mode).

Total hours= 8 hours

2. Place of Work: Candid Higher Secondary School, Nawgam, Srinagar.

Nature of Work: I was involved in teaching the students of class XI and Class XII. I taught them two chapters in the biology subject [1. Cell: Structure and Function; 2. Biotechnology and its Applications]. In addition to teaching these topics, I used to share my experiences with them and was always glad to help them with their career choices and various opportunities in different disciplines of science.

Dates when this work was carried out: February 2022, to May 2022 (Online Mode).

Total hours= 13 hours


3. Online teaching on the YouTube channel

Nature of work: To fulfil the teaching commitments of the PMRF, I have uploaded some lectures on my YouTube channel with the motive to help students to gain knowledge and understanding on topics related to Biomaterials, and Molecular Biology Techniques. I have posted 08 videos for PMRF teaching requirements which discuss the basic concepts of biomaterials and their properties and applications. In other lecture series, I have discussed different molecular biology techniques such as Animal Cell Culture, Primer Designing and their in-silico characterisation and Polymerase Chain Reaction.

YouTube Channel: Ubaid Bhat (click on channel name for YouTube link)  

Topics on which lectures were posted on YouTube are listed below: (click on topic for the YouTube link)

Uploaded video content of total hours= 5 hours

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